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Registered Nurses providing Aesthetic procedures to enhance your looks without the need for invasive surgery.

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Anti-wrinkle injections consist of BOTOX®, a brand of Botulinum toxin, which pertains to a protein used to treat certain muscular medical conditions. This type of injectable is one of the most common and safest ways to treat forehead and frown lines as well as crow’s feet around the eyes without having invasive surgery.

A popular and versatile anti-ageing injectable treatment, dermal fillers volumises, lifts and plumps up the skin, leaving it looking smooth, contoured and youthful.

Profhilo and Redensity 1 skin boosters are a hyaluronic-acid based, gel-like formula that attracts water to the skin’s surface. Typically hyaluronic acid can absorb 1000% of its volume in water and rather than staying where its injected, it is designed to spread beneath the skin. This means it works throughout tissues to lift, hydrate and recontour the skin. 

The Endocare Growth Factor facial is an invigorating and intense collagen boosting facial which stimulates collagen production in three ways to physically and visibly rejuvenate ageing skin.
LED light treatments are quick, painless and have no downtime.
The Cube Light is an LED device for light emitting diode therapy. It has 6 different wavelengths of light (red & near infrared, blue, green, yellow & scalp diode) to treat different skin issues and can be used for face, scalp and body treatments.

3JUVE is a 3 step skin treatment that fights against the 3 key signs of ageing using a specialised combination of 3 individual technologies.

This quick and simple facial skin rejuvenation treatment dramatically improves skin tone and appearance, helping your skin feel and look its best.

pHformula is the first pharma-cosmeceutical treatment line which is the result of an innovative alliance between cosmeceutical and medical prescriptions.

Our Treatments

At Young and Beautiful Aesthetics, we strive to enhance your looks without the need for invasive surgery. We will listen to your skin care concerns through an in-depth consultation and determine the appropriate treatment for you.

The procedures are then carried out by professional, aesthetic registered nurses who will help make you feel at ease throughout the entire process.

Registered Nurses providing Aesthetic procedures

You're in Safe Hands

With our team’s extensive training, qualifications and knowledge, you can be confident that the treatments we provide such as fine line softening, dermal fillers, chemical peels and microneedling, are safe and proven-effective.

Rest assured every piece of advice we give is honest, and we would never take unnecessary risks to compromise the quality of our services.

✨ Chin and jawline makeover complete! Say goodbye to pre jowel sulcus and hello to a more sculpted and youthful appearance with 2ml of Juvederm Voluma. 🌟 This natural enhancement adds volume and definition for a balanced and rejuvenated look. Ready to redefine your features? Book your consultation now! 💫 #ChinAugmentation #JawlineContouring #NaturalResults #JuvedermTransformation
See the real difference 1ml of Juvederm volift lip filler can make for facial balancing. These before and after images showcase the natural enhancement and subtle volume achieved. Elevate your look with precision and expertise for a confident, refined aesthetic. 💋✨Interested in starting your dermal filler journey? Why not book in for a consultation to see how we can help 💕#lipfiller #juvederm #facialbalance #medicalaesthetics #juvedermlips
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Another 5 star review for our clinic! We love hearing about our clients' positive experiences. Thank you for trusting us with your medical aesthetics needs 💫#clientlove #fivestarreviews  #registerednurses #youngandbeautifulaesthetics #medicalaesthetics
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Revitalize and redefine your mid-face and jawline with our precise dermal filler treatment. Here we have used 3ml Juvederm Voluma to the mid face and jawline to improve the definition and symmetry of this area, resulting in a more sculpted and balanced appearance.This hyaluronic acid filler is expertly crafted to restore lost volume and enhance facial contours, providing a natural and rejuvenated look. We will customise the treatment to your unique facial anatomy, ensuring a safe and effective procedure.Experience the transformative power of Juvederm Voluma and book your consultation today to discover how it can enhance your facial features 💕#JuvedermVoluma #facialcontouring #beforeandafter #medicalaesthetics
Happy birthday to the lovely @mel.taylor81 aka my work wife! 8 years and counting we’ve been working together and I genuinely couldn’t think of a better business partner. Who is lucky enough to work with one of their best friends? Me that’s who! We’re so entwined now that we finish each others sentences and we know each other inside and out. I love you Melly Moo, work wife, have an amazing day! 🎉
Enhance your lips with our natural-looking lip filler treatment using 1ml of Juvederm Volift. This carefully curated treatment enhances the shape and volume of your lips, providing a natural and beautiful result.
Say goodbye to thin lips and hello to the perfect pout you've always wanted. Book your appointment today to achieve your lip enhancement goals! 💕#lipfiller #JuvedermVolift #beforeandafter #naturalbeauty
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🌟 Say goodbye to crows feet with our wrinkle treatment! ✨See the amazing before and after results. Our client's skin looks smoother and more youthful after just one treatment. Ready to rejuvenate your skin? Book your appointment today!#WrinkleTreatment #CrowsFeet #BeforeAndAfter #TransformationTuesday 💫
Behold the stunning before and after results of lower and mid face fillers expertly used to enhance the jawline and pre-jowel sulcus. The pre-jowel sulcus refers to the area located on either side of the chin, where the jawline meets the lower cheek, often showing signs of aging and sagging.This subtle yet impactful treatment can provide a more defined facial contour, addressing signs of aging in the lower face area and rejuvenating the overall appearance. We focus on achieving natural-looking results that complement your unique features.Book a consultation to learn how this procedure can benefit you and receive a personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.#juvederm #juvedermvoluma #midfacefillers #naturalresult #dermalfillernorthampton #dermalfillernorthamptonshire #registerednurses #beforeandafter #jawlinefiller #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
Facial thread veins (telangiectasia) are small superficial red veins that occur around the nose, across the cheeks and/or chin. We use our Lynton 3Juve to heat the blood vessels, to a point where they are destroyed. After your treatment, the vessels quickly clear as they are reabsorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.Book your appointment today and say hello to clear, beautiful skin! 💫#weuselynton #laserskintreatment #laserskinclinic #laserskintreatments  #laserskinandwellness #laserskinspecialist #skinlasers #skinlasertreatment #skinlaserclinic  #pigmentationremoval #pigmentationsolution #lyntonlasers #acnescars #acnescar #freckles  #acnetreatment #clearskin #rosacea
🌿Natural Lip Enhancement with 1ml Juvederm Volift🌿Want fuller, more defined lips without looking overdone? We can help you achieve natural-looking results with Juvederm Volift. This hyaluronic acid filler adds subtle volume and shape to the lips, giving a tastefully enhanced pout.Don't hesitate to reach out and book your consultation for a refined lip transformaytion that will leave you thrilled! 👄#lipfiller #NaturalResults #beforeandafter #liptransformation #juvedermlips #juvedermvolift
Another wonderful patient testimonial to brighten our day! 🌟Your satisfaction is our greatest reward. Join our happy patients and book your appointment today! 💕#medicalaestheticsclinic #patientexperience #patientreviews #happypatients #happypatientshappynurses
Excited to introduce our new treatment - injectable polynucleotides for skin rejuvenation! ✨Say hello to anti-aging, regeneration, hydration, and brightening benefits all in one powerful treatment. ✨We had so many of you interested in being a model for our new skin treatment before you even knew what it was!!Polynucleotides are derived from the DNA of salmon or trout sperm and differ from other injectables, such as hyaluronic acid fillers or botulinum toxin (Botox), in their mechanism of action and benefits for the skin. While hyaluronic acid fillers primarily focus on adding volume and smoothing out wrinkles, and Botox targets muscle activity to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, polynucleotides work at a cellular level to promote skin regeneration, collagen production, and overall skin health.Polynucleotides can stimulate collagen synthesis, improve skin elasticity, enhance skin hydration, reduce inflammation, and even out skin tone. These benefits contribute to a more holistic approach to skin rejuvenation, focusing on long-term improvements in skin quality rather than just temporary cosmetic enhancements. Additionally, polynucleotides have been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can further support skin health and resilience.Overall, the use of injectable polynucleotides offers a unique and comprehensive approach to skin rejuvenation that goes beyond traditional injectables, providing a more natural and long-lasting enhancement of skin quality and appearance.Polynucleotides can be injected in a variety of different areas including face, under eyes, neck and décolleté, hands and the scalp for hair restoration.We need models for all areas so pop us a message if you are still interested for details 💕#Polynucleotides #SkinRejuvenation #YouthfulSkin  #AntiAging #DermatologyAdvancements
Say goodbye to lipstick bleeding 💄Our lovely patient came to us seeking help to soften her peri oral lines which were bothering her causing her lipstick to bleed and making her feel that they aged her. We were able to soften these using 1ml dermal filler including addressing the vermillion border to lift the top lip and effectively concealing spots where lipstock bleeds.Our patient now exudes confidence with a rejuvenated look. Are you ready to experience the difference with us? Book your consultation today 💕#antiaging #aesthetics #juvedermvolift #medicalaestheticsclinic #lipfillernorthampton #liptransformation #EmpowerBeauty #lipfillernorthamptonshire #lipaugmentation #Juvederm #registerednurses #PatientCare #dermalfillersnorthamptonshire #aestheticnurses #periorallines #BeforeAndAfter #YoungAndBeautifulAesthetics #PeriOralLines
Our ResurFACE 2940nm Fractional Laser, works wonders in treating post surgical scarring, stretch marks, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles and skin laxity.ResurFACE Skin Rejuvenation treatments target a variety of age-related skin imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, photo-damage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity on the face, neck and décolleté.To find our more about what this amazing technology can do for you, book in for a consultation or pop us a message 💕#weuselynton #laser #skincare #skin #aesthetics #facial #hairremoval #acne  #ipl  #antiaging #pigmentation
#skinresurfacing #skincare #laser #skin #skinrejuvenation #acne #skingoals #skintightening #nonsurgical #aesthetic #bodysculpting #aestheticmedicine #glowingskin #acnescars #pigmentation #noninvasive #beforeandafter #rosacea #hyperpigmentation #wrinklereduction #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
New skin treatment coming soon!! Come inWe will be looking for models comment below to register your interest 👀All will be revealed next week, watch this space 🙌🏼
Our lovely patient came to us bothered by her deep nasolabial folds, which are the lines from the nose to mouth, which form due to a combination of factors such as natural aging, sun exposure, genetics and repetitive facial movements.Just 1ml Juvederm Volift filler has softened the lines giving a more youthful and refreshed look which remains natural-looking.We love seeing the instant results and the boost in confidence dermal fillers give our patients.Considering dermal fillers for your next treatment? Contact us to book in for your consultation and lets enhance your natural beauty together! ✨#juvedermvolift #medicalaestheticsclinic #aestheticsnorthamptonshire #aestheticsnorthampton
👄Enhancing natural beauty with 0.7ml Juvederm Volift lip filler 👄Witness the subtle yet transformative results of our patient's 0.7ml top-up lip filler treatment. Using Juvederm Volift, we were able to achieve soft, natural looking lips that enhance her features and boost her confidence.Interested in achieving a similar result? Book an appointment to experience the artistry of lip augmentation done right 💕#lipfiller #lipaugmentation #juvederm #juvedermlips #naturalresult #beforeandafter #dermalfillernorthampton #dermalfillernorthamptonshire #juvedermvolift #lipfillernorthampton #lipfillernorthamptonshire #registerednurses #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
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🌼 Sending love to all on Mother's Day🌼Today, as we celebrate the incredible mothers in our lives, let us also take a moment to honor and remember those who are no longer with us. To all who have lost their mums, we see you, we feel your pain, and we hold you close in our hearts.May you find comfort in cherished memories, in the love that remains eternal, and in the knowledge that your mum's spirit lives on in you. Sending you strength and compassion on this Mother's Day 💕Love Kate and Mel x
VITA Creams
🔥Beautiful Skin begins with ABC... plus D - your sunshine vitamin ☀️VITA A cream 20ML/50ML
This breakthrough cream for fine lines and wrinkles is formulated
with high levels of Retinol to help stimulate cell regeneration.VITA B3 cream 20ML/50ML
The light textured Vitamin B3 cream contains Niacinamide at
prescription strength, which results in superior skin correction
benefits, ideal for daily and year-round application.VITA C cream 20ML/50ML
Vitamin C cream contains Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate at
high concentration levels, which results in superior anti-ageing
benefits, ideal for daily and year-round application.VITA D cream 20ML/50ML
Formulated to soften skin and protect against dryness, for
a naturally healthy-looking glow. The 24-hour moisturising
complex in the formula, contains a synergistic blend of natural
moisturising factors (NMFs) to assist in pro-longed hydration and
protection of the skin.Which one have you tried? Yet to try yet? Pick up a sample when you're next in clinic, your skin will thank you 💯💕#pHformula #phformulauk #phformulavitacream #medicalgradeproducts #medicalgradeskincare #youngandbeautifulaesthetics #productsthatwork
Happy International Woman’s Day to my beautiful work wife @mel.taylor81 ❤️ and every single lady/girl out there simply trying to put one foot in front of each other, trying to get through each day 🙌 You all simply rock!
👄Enhancing natural beauty with 1ml of Juvederm Volift. 👄Witness how this non-surgical treatment can beautifully enhance lip volume and definition, creating a natural and youthful appearance.  The results speak for themselves - a subtle yet impactful transformation that boosts confidence and accentuates your features.Give this post a ❤️ let's elevate beauty, empower confidence, and celebrate the art of self-love! 👄✨#lipaugmentation #lipfillernorthampton #juvedermvolift #lipfillernorthamptonshire #aestheticsnorthamptonshire #aestheticsnorthampton #medicalaestheticsclinic #liptransformation #EmpowerBeauty
🌸 Last minute Mother's Day gifts 🌸Need a quick and thoughtful gift for a special lady this Mother's Day? Look no further! Treat her to one of our beautiful Delilah makeup sets which are perfect to show her your love. Or, if you're not sure what she'd like, our gift vouchers are always a great option.Pop in tomorrow between 10-2 to grab a last minute gift that will make her day extra special, or pop us a message for a gift voucher for any amount that can be sent by email. Don't wait until it's too late! 💕#mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaygiftideas #delilahcosmetics #giftvouchers #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
We are thrilled to receive such positive feedback from one of our valued patients! 🌟Our team at Young & Beautiful Aesthetics is dedicated to providing exceptional medical aesthetics services in a warm and welcoming environment. We strive to exceed our patients' expectations and help them achieve their desired results.Thank you for trusting us with your care, and we look forward to welcoming you back for future treatments.#patientreview #medicalaesthetics #teamwork
Transforming peri-oral lines with precision and expertise. ✨Our patient wanted to soften her peri oral lines and achieve a more youthful appearance, and the results speak for themselves. The subtle enhancement with 1ml Juvederm Volift has left her looking refreshed and rejuvenated.If you're interested in achieving similar results, book in for a consultation with us today 💕
#aesthetics #juvedermfiller #aestheticsnorthampton #dermalfiller #medicalaesthetics #aestheticsnorthamptonshire #medicalaestheticsclinic #juvedermvolift #juvederm #naturalresult #dermalfillernorthampton #dermalfillernorthamptonshire #registerednurses #youngandbeautifulaesthetics #antiaging
✨This before and after showcases the transformative effects of Juvederm Voluma in addressing age-related volume loss. By enhancing the cheeks creating lift and contouring there is a noticeable lift in the jowel area creating an enhanced facial symmetry and definition.✨Contact us for a consultation and to see if we can help you to achieve a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance! 💕#juvedermfiller #antiwrinkle #aestheticsclinic #dermalfiller #cheekfiller #aestheticsnorthampton #aesthetics #medicalaesthetics #aestheticsnorthamptonshire #medicalaestheticsnurse #aestheticnurse #medicalaestheticsclinic #aesthetician #juvedermvoluma #midfacefillers #naturalresult #dermalfillernorthamptonshire #registerednurses #Saveface #Professionalism #PatientCare #naturalresults #juvédermvoluma® #MidFaceEnhancement #dermalfillersbeforeandafter #YouthfulRadiance #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
We just wanted to share the results following our lovely clients' first session of IPL laser treatment for Rosacea. After just 1 session there is a significant reduction in the redness which will only improve over the course of another 2 sessions. We cannot wait to continue the treatment and witness the improvements and visible transformations.Intense pulse light Rosacea treatments are ideal if you’re experiencing redness, ruddy complexion, broken capillaries, or spider veins  across your face, neck, and chest.With Lynton IPL Rosacea treatments we can reduce both facial redness and pustules. Contact us today to find out more about our treatment plans for Rosacea. Consultations for our laser are free pop us a message to find out more 💕#weuselynton #laserskintreatment #laserskinclinic #laserskintreatments  #laserskinandwellness #laserskinspecialist #skinlasers #skinlasertreatment #skinlaserclinic  #pigmentationremoval #pigmentationsolution #lyntonlasers #acnescars #acnescar #freckles  #acnetreatment #clearskin #rosacea #lasernorthampton #lasernorthamptonshire #iplnorthampton #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
With March's arrival now is the perfect time to schedule your next wrinkle relaxing treatment, especially if you had your last treatment in November/December.Wrinkle relaxing treatments are not a one and done, the effects wear off, so you will need to have multiple treatments a year for best results. Regular treatments can help maintain the effects of previous treatments, ensuring consistent results and prolonging the time between touch up sessions.Don't let time catch up with you - book your appointment and stay ahead of the ageing game 💕#aesthetics #aestheticnurse #aestheticsclinic #aesthetician #aestheticmedicine #medicalaesthetics #medicalaestheticsnurse #medicalaestheticsclinic #antiwrinkle #antiwrinkletreatment #aestheticsnorthampton #aestheticsnorthamptonshire #registerednurses #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
✨Our lovely patient was bothered by the area under her chin and was wanting a more defined jawline. By using 2ml Voluma to strategically enhance the cheeks and 2ml Juvederm Volux to sculpt and define the jaw and chin area we were able to improve this area by restoring volume and contouring the face for a subtle yet impactful change in facial structure and profile.✨Utilizing premium brand products like Juvederm Voluma and Volux is crucial for achieving optimal results in facial rejuvenation. These high-quality fillers offer superior volumizing and contouring properties, ensuring natural-looking and long-lasting outcomes.Interested in dermal fillers? Book a consultation to see how we can help 💕#aestheticsnorthamptonshire #aesthetics #aestheticsclinic #medicalaesthetics #aestheticsnorthampton #antiwrinkle #dermalfiller #dermalfillernorthampton #dermalfillernorthamptonshire #chinfiller #cheekfiller #cheekfillernorthampton #jawfiller #juvedermfiller #juvederm #juvedermvolux #juvedermvoluma #registerednurses #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
✨Glowing, rejuvenated skin is just a Lynton Skin Rejuvenation treatment away. With our medical-grade Lynton IPL we can reduce brown spots, hyperpigmentation and redness.✨IPL Skin Rejuvenation uses broad wavelengths of light to regenerate new collagen in your skin cells. Making your skin smoother, vibrant and younger-looking!✨Laser consultations are free, why not book in to see how we can help you to transform your skin? 💕#weuselynton #laserskintreatment #laserskinclinic #laserskintreatments  #laserskinandwellness #laserskinspecialist #skinlasers #skinlasertreatment #skinlaserclinic  #pigmentationremoval #IPLforpigment #pigmentationsolution #lyntonlasers
#pigmentation #skincare #acne #beauty #skin #melasma #laser #antiaging #wrinkles #facial #skinrejuvenation #glowingskin #complexion #sundamage #youngandbeautifulaesthetics #registerednurses
We are so grateful for the kind words and 5-star review we received from one of our amazing patients! 🌟We work hard to provide the best care and service possible, and it means the world to us to receive your reviews. Thank you for trusting us and taking the time to share your experience.#5starreview #happypatients #grateful #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
✨ Lip Augmentation following 1ml Juvederm Volift ✨Before lip augmentation:
- Thin upper lip with minimal volume
- Lack of definition in the cupids bow
- Uneven shape and size of the upper and lower lipsAfter lip augmentation with 1ml Juvederm volift:
- Fuller and plumper lips with increased volume
- Enhanced definition in the lip border
- Symmetrical shape and size of the upper and lower lips
- Natural-looking results with a subtle enhancement in the overall appearance of the lipsReady to start your lip filler journey with us? 💋Book in for a consultation today 💕#dermalfillernorthamptonshire #registerednurses #beforeandafter #juvederm #juvedermlips #juvedermfiller #juvedermvolift #lipaugmentation #lipaugmentationnorthampton #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
✨🍊 Phformula Concentrated Corrective Serums: An option for every skin need 💧✨1️⃣ Vita C Serum 🍊:
- The Vita C serum from Phformula is formulated with a high concentration of Vitamin C, known for its brightening and antioxidant properties.
- This serum helps to even out skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, and improve overall skin texture.
- Vitamin C also helps to boost collagen production, resulting in firmer and more youthful-looking skin.
- Ideal for those looking to achieve a brighter complexion and target signs of aging.2️⃣ Hydra Serum 💧:
- The Hydra serum is designed to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, making it perfect for those with dry or dehydrated skin.
- This serum contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin, keeping it plump and hydrated.
- The Hydra serum also helps to improve the skin's barrier function, preventing moisture loss and protecting against environmental stressors.
- Perfect for those looking to combat dryness, dehydration, and improve overall skin health.3️⃣ Mela Serum ✨:
- The Mela serum from Phformula is specifically formulated to target hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.
- The Mela serum also helps to brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and promote a more even complexion.
- Ideal for those looking to address issues of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and achieve a more luminous skin tone.Overall, each serum from Phformula offers unique benefits catered to different skin concerns. Whether you're looking to brighten, hydrate, or target pigmentation, there is a serum option for every skin need.#phformula #serum #melaserum #hydraserum #vitacserum #medicalgradeskincare #medicalgradeproducts #phformulastockist #skincareroutine #skincareproductsthatwork #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
✨Mid and lower face dermal filler treatment with Juverderm Voluma✨Our lovely patient was bothered by the area under her chin which lacked support and definition, leading to a less defined jawline and neck profile.We treated her cheeks and jawline with Juvederm Voluma dermal filler resulting in a noticeable improvement in the volume and contour of the treated areas. The filler helped to restore lost volume in the cheeks, providing a lifted and more youthful appearance. By enhancing the projection of the jawline, the filler created a more defined and sculpted look, improving the overall symmetry of the face.In particular, the area under the chin received additional support from the filler, resulting in a more defined jawline and a smoother transition from the chin to the neck. The filler helped to contour and shape the lower face, enhancing the patient's natural features and providing a more harmonious facial profile.Overall, the Juvederm Voluma dermal filler treatment effectively improved the volume and definition of the cheeks and jawline, leading to a more youthful, lifted, and rejuvenated appearance.Does the area under your chin bother you? Why not book in for a consultation see how we can help 💕#juvederm #midfacefillers #jawlinefiller #naturalresult #beforeandafter #dermalfillernorthampton #dermalfillernorthamptonshire #registerednurses #youngandbeautifulaesthetics #juvedermvoluma
✨ Lip rejuvenation with 1ml Juverderm Volift ✨💋Our lovely patient presented with a lack of volume in the upper lip and asymmetry to the lower lip. The lips also showed signs of aging, with fine lines and a decrease in lip fullness. The patient expressed a desire for a natural and subtle enhancement to achieve a more youthful and defined lip appearance.After the administration of 1ml of Juvederm Volift using a cannula technique, the lips exhibited a noticeable improvement in volume and definition. The filler helped to plump up the lips, creating a more balanced and symmetrical appearance with the overall shape of the lips enhanced. The filler also helped to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, giving the lips a smoother and more rejuvenated look.Overall, the lip filler treatment with Juvederm Volift provided the patient with a soft and natural enhancement, resulting in fuller, more youthful-looking lips. The cannula technique used for the injection helped to minimize bruising and discomfort, ensuring a comfortable and safe procedure for the patient.Thinking of starting your lip filler journey with us? 💋 why not book in for a consultation or pop us a message 💕#Juverderm #juvedermlips #lipfillersnorthampton #lipfillersnorthamptonshire #volift #juvedermvolift #aestheticsnorthamptonshire #aestheticsnorthampton #naturaldermalfiller #natural #results #naturalresults #before #after #beforeandafter #registerednurses #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
✨Thread vein removal with IPL -this is fast becoming one of our most favourite treatments ✨💕Lynton Dynamic Reflex technology works by targeting the chromophore in the lesion using the theory of selective photo thermolysis. This process ensures that the light only treats the specific target whilst the surrounding tissue remains protected. Our medical-grade 3Juve IPL technology targets the melanin in pigmented lesions, and the haemoglobin in vascular lesions.Vascular lesions are the result of numerous or large vessels that form directly underneath your skin. They may occur in many shapes and sizes all over the body. With our Lynton Laser you no longer have to accept them, together we can successfully treat your vascular lesions.With Lynton IPL we can target:
- Telangiectasia (couperose)
- Spider Veins
- Cherry Angiomas
- Vascular BlemishesWondering if we can help you with vascular lesion removal? Book in for a consultation or pop us a message 💕#weuselynton #laserskintreatment #laserskinclinic #laserskintreatments  #laserskinandwellness #laserskinspecialist #skinlasers #skinlasertreatment #skinlaserclinic  #pigmentationremoval #pigmentationsolution #lyntonlasers #acnescars #acnescar #freckles  #acnetreatment #clearskin #rosacea #IPLNorthamptonshire #LaserNorthamptonshire #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
🎉🌟 We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our Saveface Platinum Accreditation! 🌟🎉We are delighted to announce that our clinic has achieved the prestigious status of Saveface Platinum Accreditation, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence, safety, and patient satisfaction in the field of medical aesthetics. Here's why our Saveface Platinum Accreditation is a testament to our dedication to quality and professionalism:🌟 Rigorous Standards: Saveface Platinum Accreditation signifies that our clinic has met and exceeded the rigorous standards set by Saveface, ensuring that we adhere to the highest levels of professionalism, safety, and quality in the delivery of medical aesthetics treatments.🌟 Exceptional Patient Care: As a Saveface Platinum Accredited clinic, we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our patients above all else, providing personalized care, expert guidance, and superior results that enhance your confidence and beauty.🌟 Trust and Credibility: Our Saveface Platinum Accreditation demonstrates our clinic's trustworthiness, credibility, and dedication to ethical practices, earning the confidence and loyalty of our patients and setting us apart as a reputable leader in the medical aesthetics industry.🌟 Commitment to Excellence: Achieving Saveface Platinum Accreditation reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and staying at the forefront of advancements in aesthetics technology and techniques to deliver outstanding outcomes for our patients.We are thrilled and honored to have attained Saveface Platinum Accreditation, a recognition that underscores our clinic's dedication to excellence, patient care, and industry leadership. Choose our Saveface Platinum Accredited clinic for a premium treatment experience that combines expertise, safety, and results that exceed your expectations! 💖💉#Saveface #PlatinumAccreditation #ExcellenceInAesthetics #PatientCare #Professionalism  #registerednurses #medicalaesthetics #aestheticsnorthampton #aestheticsnorthamptonshire
Training day results part 2✨During our recent training day we used Juvederm dermal fillers to achieve full face rejuvenation for our patient. By enhancing the cheeks, defining the jawline, and filling the pre jowel sulcus, we were able to create a more balanced and youthful appearance. The fillers added volume to lift the cheeks, whilst also providing structure and contour to the jawline. Filling in the pre jowel sulcus which is the dip between the chin and jawline, helped to smooth out the area and improve the overall symmetry of the face. We added a subtle lip filler to create a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.This treatment is part of a full face rejuvenation approach, where we aim to enhance multiple areas to provide a harmonious and balanced look ✨If you 're interested in achieving a similar transformation, don't hesitate to reach out for a consultation! 💕#ContinuingEducation #MidFaceEnhancement #naturalresults #antiaging #cheekfiller #nonsurgical #juvedermlips #juvedermvolift #dermalfiller #registerednurses #lipfillernorthampton #lipfiller #lipfillerbeforeandafter #aestheticsnorthampton #aestheticsnorthamptonshire #Juvederm #juvédermvoluma® #cheekfillersnorthampton #dermalfillersbeforeandafter #fullfacerejuvenation
Results following our training day ✨During the training day we used Juvederm dermal fillers to add volume to the cheeks, which can often loose fullness and definition with age. By strategically placing fillers along the jawline, we were able to create a more sculpted and contoured look. The pre jowel sulcus, the area between the chin and jawline that can deepen over time, was also filled in to smooth out the area and reduce the appearance of sagging skin.The results are natural looking and long-lasting, giving our patient a refreshed and youthful appearance.If you're interested in learning more about dermal fillers and how they can enhance your appearance, feel free to reach out for a consultation 💕#ContinuingEducation #MidFaceEnhancement #YouthfulRadiance #JuvedermTraining #PatientTransformations #antiaging #aesthetics #aestheticmedicine #naturalresults #juvedermfiller #youngandbeautifulaesthetics #jawlinefiller #cheekfiller #dermalfillersnorthamptonshire
👁️✨ Phformula Eye Creams: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs! ✨👁️Phformula offers three exceptional eye creams: Eye Lift Serum, Eye Recovery, and SOS Eye Rescue.1️⃣ Eye Lift Serum: Fights signs of aging, firms, and lifts the skin around the eyes. A special metal ball roller applicator helps refresh the eye area.2️⃣ Eye Recovery: Targets dark circles and puffiness, providing hydration and revitalization.3️⃣ SOS Eye Rescue: A light reflecting formula instantly brightens the skin around the eye contour reducing the appearance of fine line and wrinkles as well as puffiness and dark circles.Choose the perfect Phformula eye cream for your concerns and enjoy incredible results!#PhformulaEyeCreams #TargetedEyeCare
Subtle yet stunning transformation 👄✨Elevating natural beauty with a 0.7ml top-up of Juvederm Volift. Our lovely patient's lips are now perfectly enhanced, radiating confidence and allure.Looking to start your lip filler journey with us? Book in for a consultation online or pop us a message 💕#lipfillernorthamptonshire  #patienttransformations #beforeandafter #juvedermvolift #dermalfillernorthamptonshire #registerednurses #youngandbeautifulaesthetics
Thanks to everyone who entered our Valentines Day giveaway to win an illumiFacial!Apologies for the late announcement of the winner we’ve had a busy few days, but I have put the names of everyone into a random name generator and can announce that the winner is …..@bells__11Congratulations, contact us to get booked in 🩷
I’m busily working away in the NHS today everyone and I have the work phone so any messages will be responded to later today. Have a good one ❤️
Today, we had an incredible Juvederm Full-Face Training Top Up session💉💪We believe in continuously expanding our knowledge and refining our techniques to provide the best results for our patients. This top-up training focused on enhancing our expertise in using Juvederm fillers to revitalize the whole face, giving our patients a radiant and youthful appearance. ✨Here's a glimpse of what we covered during our training:✅ Advanced injection techniques for precise and natural-looking results
✅ Understanding the unique aging process of the mid-face and how to address it
✅ Tailoring treatments to individual patient needs and desired outcomes
✅ Managing potential complications and ensuring patient safety
✅ Incorporating the latest industry advancements and best practicesWe are thrilled to have further honed our skills and are now equipped to deliver even more remarkable transformations using Juvederm. 💯Stay tuned for the incredible before-and-after results we'll be sharing soon! 😍At Young & Beautiful we are committed to providing our patients with the highest standards of care and staying at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. Thank you for your trust and support as we continue to elevate our expertise! 💙💉#JuvedermTraining #MidFaceEnhancement #AestheticExcellence #ContinuingEducation #SkillRefinement #YouthfulRadiance #PatientTransformations #StayTuned
Do you see tired and dull skin in the mirror ? Are you dreaming of a luminous complexion? Find out more today about how we can illuminate and revitalise your skin with an illumiFacial treatment. Take a look on our wedbsite or do not hesitate to DM us to find out more about this amazing treatment 💕#WeUseLynton #illumiFacial #Yournaturalfilter #Unleashyournaturalfilter #Filterfree
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